Les bienfaits de l'amande

The benefits of almond

The health and pleasure fruit par excellence!

The almond is the healthy fruit par excellence...but also the one that brings the daily pleasure of an unparalleled flavor. Unlike intensive American production, the almond grown around the Mediterranean basin is more voluptuous with a flavor that is so southern in character!

The countless health benefits of almonds

The health benefits of almonds are recognized by many nutritionists and researchers...no wonder almonds are the queen of dried fruits: omega 3, antioxidants, fibers, vegetable proteins, etc.

Its monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids would protect the heart (more fluid blood and lower blood pressure would reduce cardiovascular risks).

A rich intake of antioxidants would fight against cell aging and therefore reduce the diseases of our century linked to this type of degeneration.

Its high amount of fiber as well as its low glycemic index would prevent diabetes. Vegetarians and Vegans know that almonds are a substantial source of vegetable protein.

With its satiating power, the almond can help in losing weight. It is also one of the oleaginous fruits best provided with protein, the almond is essential for the reconstruction of muscle after a good sports session.

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