Who are we

We are two brothers convinced of the importance of superfruits and their natural powers in the field of health and nutrition.

We believe it is necessary to participate in the relocation of their production.

We wanted to develop the organic cultivation of almond and pomegranate trees in the family estate traditionnaly dedicated to vines. 

In an agro-ecological approach, we seek the best balance of the Living in order to produce with Nature.

We favor symbioses like our beekeeper friend who promotes pollination at the same time as his bees feast on the nectar of almond blossoms and alfalfa. But also the shepherd who allows us to maintain a grassy ground between rows while nourishing the soil.

The orchards are designed in agroforestry to introduce the maximum of biodiversity. It is not uncommon to come across hares and partridges there!

This desire for regenerative agriculture and the search for a circular economy are particularly illustrated by the promotion of co-products and the sowing of legumes.

Finally, through several scientific and technical partnerships, we are experimenting with alternative biological management methods that are even more respectful of auxiliary insects: use of clays, essential oils, association of plant cover, gourmet hedges, etc.

Our mission :
to offer you natural, succulent products full of benefits... with constant care for a positive carbon impact .

The partners