"La grenade, plus qu'un fruit, un médicament" par Michel Cymes

"The pomegranate, more than a fruit, a medicine" by Michel Cymes

On RTL, The doctor makes us (re)discover the pomegranate, a seasonal fruit full of nutritional qualities.

Excerpts: “The pomegranate is the bomb, it's a magic fruit that we tend to forget a little too much…. The pomegranate is more than a fruit, it's almost a medicine and I wonder if the SECU shouldn't think of reimbursing it... Pomegranates contain a slew of antioxidants and that's excellent for your coronary arteries, they gain in elasticity ..... suddenly your heart is better irrigated, concretely, it removes the risk of heart attack. … The pomegranate protects you against bad cholesterol, it is full of vitamin C and what is less known, it strengthens bones, muscles and helps fight against the development of cataracts. … in addition, objectively it is still pleasant to the palate, in short I recommend it to everyone and in particular to athletes because the pomegranate also facilitates recovery after exercise…”

Discover the full interview and subscribe to the official RTL radio channel: http://bit.ly/2gGC4S6

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