Differences between French organic almonds and others


French organic almond

Our great enemy is Eurytoma amygdali: a small wasp that stings young almonds. At the end of each season, we make sure that no almonds that have not been harvested because they are too small remain on the trees because they are potential hosts for these wasps. Nevertheless, they are very present in the wild almond trees which prevents us from being tatolement serene. This is the reason why we carry out in collaboration with ...... argile......

The European organic almond

The remedy for this wasp exists and is tolerated in the border countries, relatively not dangerous for humans, because the almond is protected by its gove and its shell, this remedy is nevertheless harmful for the environment because its spectrum of intervention is not limited to a single insect....

American almond

Cultivated intensively, it is anything but organic! harvested mechanically and left on the ground before being picked up, it often has a subtle taste of soil. Why do they have no taste? Because they are heated to high temperature in order to be totally debaclerialized but in passing it is also the nutritional quality that is altered.

...nothing to do with the standardization of the food industry. Here we are talking about local producers, southern regions, terroirs with personality.