What does producing almonds in France consist of?

Producing almonds requires daily attention to the management of our trees, the almond trees: respect for living soil and biodiversity.

The first buds appear in February. It is then that you have to start watering with heritage because the risk of frost is still very high... From the month of March, the flowers appear and the bees are installed in the orchard in order to optimize pollination.

The flowers turn into baby almonds from the month of May and they will grow until the end of summer. It is all the finesse of the watering that will help this magical process. Neither too much water otherwise they will be suffocated, but if there is not enough the almond trees will abort to survive or the almonds will remain very small. At amandeus, we minimize the use of this precise commodity....

Once produced, it is a matter of delicately harvesting the inshell almonds, stripping them of their shells, then drying the shells and finally breaking them to extract the precious almond.

Shelled almonds that can be packaged in different formats: raw, white or crushed (powder, grains or sticks).

And after?
It can be eaten chewable in the form of a whole almond, roasted to obtain roasted almonds.

in flour incorporated in pastries or even ground in almond milk.

Almonds can also be used in cosmetics: sweet almond oil from the pressing of the almond, as well as exfoliating powder from the shells.